3 Different Types of New Construction Homes

Building a brand new home is among the most rewarding things a homeowner can really do. People usually don’t realize until they get started selecting a builder, that there are three new home construction options to pick from. Having enough knowledge about these different types of home construction can help you decide the right type of construction for you.

So, let’s dive into learning about all three different types of new constructions you can consider when starting a new project of your custom home:

Custom homes

A custom home is built for and with you! You can buy a piece of land and hire an architect to help your vision take a physical form, or you can make a contract with a custom home builder to create your dream home on a lot that he owns. Either way, you collaborate with a party to build a home for yourself that fits your lifestyle.

Custom home builders usually have basic floor plans you can change; this might mean adding an in-law suite in the basement or including a laundry room on the main floor.

With a custom home, you have a big say in just about any aspect of home-building. You pick upgrades according to your budget and taste. Think heated bathroom floors, high-end appliances, and French doors. Your home reflects your style and is entirely different from other homes in the block.

Semi-Custom Homes

In a semi-custom home, the builder will provide you with different floor plans to select from if they already own land. You can make small changes to the plan, but not to the structural elements. A semi-custom home is the most commonly used option, and many custom-home builders suggest this option as it’s flexible to most of the people who want a nicer custom home without too much hassle. 

Spec Homes

Spec is short for speculative because builders usually develop a single-family home, condo, or townhouse before having a specific buyer. Spec homes come with features and finishes, which the builder thinks will attract a great number of potential buyers. You may be able to find an under-construction spec home and choose some elements like cabinets and counters. But typically, a spec home is a completed package.

Some builders opt for “contractor grade” or “builder grade” materials which are usually considered cheap products made from low-quality material. This may mean you’ll get substandard appliances, cabinets, counters, and flooring. Although a spec home is a budget-friendly choice, you may regret it in the long run. 

Building a home for yourself can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience if you’re working with the right builder for your project. At Bristol Springs, you’ll be ensured that only the highest-quality material is used in the construction of your custom home.

You can look at our previous work and discuss your budget with us; by taking your preference into account and considering every other thing, we’ll make for you a home that brings you pure happiness!

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