Common misconceptions about custom homes

Sure, building a custom home seems like a nice idea. But is it even affordable?

The reality is that a home designed especially for you may be closer in reach than you think. Maybe you’re turned off by the prospect of a long waiting time for your custom home to get ready, or perhaps you don’t know if you can afford it, but as it turns out, you may be wrong about a custom-made home.

Below, we have made a list of the five most common misconceptions about custom homes.

Custom homes aren’t affordable

Depending on size, level of details, and style, custom homes can range in price. You can build a custom home for yourself, even if you have a limited budget. Building a custom home means you’ll make all the choices like how big the house will be, what materials will be used, and also about what other features to add. The right custom home builder, after knowing your requirements, will help you create the right floor-plant according to your budget and lifestyle.

I need to have information about architecture and design to build my custom home

No, it’s not necessary! You don’t need to have the knowledge about architecture and design to build a custom home — this is why your builder is in the picture.

Having a good sense of your style and liking, although it helps, it isn’t mandatory. Your builder will help you with the big-picture. They usually have a team of architects and interior designers to help you with small items and furnishings.

It’s hard to get a construction loan

Compared to getting a home loan, a construction loan isn’t that harder. With the right builder, you can get approval for the cost and the project. Then it’s just up to things like credit score and employment, which is true of any type of home or home-building loan.

The floor plan can’t be changed, so I’ll just have to live with it

Custom means, if you find a floor plan you like, that’s great. But, if you want something adjusted, changed, or even made from scratch, you can also get that. Talk to your builder about your desired changes in your home. The chances are high that your changes can be accommodated.

It’s too complicated to build a custom home

Custom homes are time-consuming, and you’ll also need to put in a lot of effort; there will be decisions you’ll need to make and questions you need to answer. The right builder will help you through all that and keep you from being overwhelmed. You can feel safe and secure knowing that your builder is taking care of everything, and you will only have to answer about things that you really need to decide. It is the best way to build your desired home without unnecessary stress!

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