Different Type of Lighting That You Can Use to Design Your Custom Home

The lighting in our houses is not only for décor; it plays a significant role in affecting everything from our sleep patterns to brain functioning. So it’s understandable that you’ll want your place to be nicely lit, where you spend most of your time. But when it comes to selecting lighting, there are a myriad of options!

All different types of lighting serve their specific purposes, so it’s best to create a lighting design with the right type for your home. And that’s what we do at Bristol Springs; perfectly optimizing lighting for your home by considering the purpose of each room. Below we have mentioned all the different kinds of lighting and their purposes that we use to design a custom home for our valuable clients.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights, as the name suggests, are directly mounted to the ceilings of a home. The bulb in these lights is usually concealed by a plastic or glass shade. These lights have been used in homes for almost 100 years, often providing all the ambient light in a space. You’ll definitely see ceiling lights in our custom homes, strategically dispersed to provide the perfect amount of light in your space.

Task Lights

Task lights in a home are more about the function than the form. These types of lighting include spot-lighting over the vanity of your bathroom or strip LED lighting in your pantry.


Don’t feel bad if you lack a big house or mansion because you can still add a chandelier to your home. Chandeliers are available in different sizes and styles to act as a great home décor option that also spreads even lighting. Hanging a chandelier in the living room will instantly infuse a regal touch to your space! At Bristol Springs, we love hanging chandeliers in the living rooms of our custom homes to enhance that farmhouse feel that our clients desire

Track Lighting

Suspended from the ceiling, track lights consist of several light fixtures that can adjust the direction along the track. People use these lights primarily for task lighting and accent lighting, but depending on the bulb’s strength, these can perfectly work as general lighting.

Recessed lighting

These lightings are used to lighten up only the room areas that may be necessary at a given part of the day. Typically installed in larger rooms, you can brighten up or dim down these lights using a dimmer. In a Bristol Springs custom home you’ll see lighting, ensuring the perfect illumination throughout the home.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are usually hung from the ceiling to direct their light down, typically over a kitchen island or table. Along with providing task or ambient lighting, these lights enhance the aesthetics of a room. We love hanging pendant lights in our custom homes, especially over the kitchen island; adding small details like these in our homes always keeps us one step ahead of our contenders.

Fan Lighting

Although not a very common type, the ceiling fan lights are undoubtedly the real attention-grabbers in your home. Most of the fans are fitted in the center of the ceiling, which helps distribute light uniformly in the room, unlike other lighting fixtures installed on the walls.

One of the best things about having fan lighting is that all other lighting takes a lot of space, and fan lighting would not need any extra space, thus fulfilling the purpose of fan and light as well, providing you extra space for decoration.  With so many benefits, how was it possible that we could have forgotten about adding a few fan lights in a Bristol Springs custom living room.

Below is a picture of one of our project, The Purple Finch, where we have added a fan light to beautify the space and to disperse even lighting:

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  1. What caught my attention is when you said that you can instantly add a regal touch and spread even lighting when you consider hanging a chandelier. With this in mind, I will consider finding a lighting company that offers custom chandeliers before Sunday comes. I bought a new house that has a high ceiling and spacious flooring, and I want to ensure that they won’t make the look empty.

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