The Shenandoah

With the prevailing situation of the pandemic, along with everything, our houses are also modifying accordingly. This farmhouse-style home with tranquil spaces has all the world’s calm to make the inhabitants feel relaxed and comfortable.

Surrounded by a scene from heaven; long trees, grasslands, and lakes, if you’re someone who likes to stay connected with nature, this custom-made house is for you. The hallmark of this house is open and airy spaces like the open-plan living room that is further enhanced using a wall full of windows; when you have the view worth looking at, why to hide it!

All rooms are perfectly designed with lighting and windows around to promote your creativity, productivity, and comfort. Neutral walls, wooden floors, windows, and beautiful lighting fixtures dispersed all around are making this house an amazing den to live in.

Enjoy your morning jog or evening walk in the heavenly looking surrounding of your home,  take a shower in its spa-like charming bathrooms and sip your tea on the deck area. Everything in The Shenandoah is made considering a modern family’s needs that also like a laid-back style of living.

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