Why Have an Energy Efficient New Home?

Saving money on your energy bills usually sounds like a great idea, but if you’re interested in how you can make the most out of your endeavors to spend as little money as possible on heating and cooling costs, then you should invest in an energy-efficient house made by professional builders like Bristol Springs.

Some people think that they need to keep their house cooler in the winter to save money on gas, or they need to limit electricity usage constantly, but there are many more efficient ways to save money, such as having a custom made energy-efficient home.

But why should energy efficiency be a priority when building a new custom made home? There are several reasons to keep it at the top of your must-have list.

A More Comfortable Living Environment

Custom-made houses are energy-efficient, which means they are well ventilated to create a cozy environment that is free of excess humidity, which is a great deal in the cool winters and humid summers of Martinsburg and the surrounding areas. Since energy-efficient houses are crafted carefully to reduce drafts and minimize leaks, they remain comfortable for longer during power outages and heavy storms. Additionally, efficient structures are usually less prone to fires, gas leaks, and other hazards.

Your Belongings will be Better Protected

High-performance windows of your energy-efficient home will protect the interior from the damaging sun rays. The special coating applied to these windows, and solar reflective paints on the walls serve to deflect up to 75% of ultraviolet rays, which can damage your stuff by fading and lightening them over time. Solar-reflective paints also prevent the sun’s heat from penetrating the walls, which reduces the need for air-conditioning.

They save Money

Among various other reasons, the most compelling one to buy an energy-efficient home is “cost savings.” As in these houses, energy-saving fixtures like LED light bulbs and high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners are installed, which consume less energy when compared to traditional models. This automatically lowers utility costs.  

A Custom Home with a Lower Carbon Footprint:

While existing standard houses may or may not be designed keeping eco-friendly approaches in mind, a new custom-made house with its plethora of carefully picked green options enables you to reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly features of a home, like solar panels or water-saving, modern machines can maximize your home’s energy efficiency. It also allows you to take pride in your one of a kind sustainable home.

Increase in Property Value

If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, then building a custom-made energy-efficient home can improve your selling prospects. Savvy potential buyers are more inclined toward an efficient design. When a home is built with energy-efficiency in mind, potential buyers don’t need to worry about purchasing new appliances or making updates, which gives your house an edge over other standard houses in the market. Buyers can simply move in and start enjoying the benefits of an energy-efficient house. For busy professionals and families with little to no time for renovations, this is an attractive feature!

At Bristol Springs, we understand that designing and building energy-efficient custom homes from scratch is an incredibly rewarding task offering owners several notable advantages. Our experienced construction professionals use the latest techniques and tools to provide potential homeowners the opportunity to personalize and individualize their space to their liking by selecting their favorite building and energy-efficient materials or by spending their money wisely on custom additions to make the layout of their home match their personalized needs.

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