The Bristol Springs Difference

We take great pride in the high quality home we build. The convenience of building your new custom home with Bristol Springs Custom Homes is unprecedented! As a true custom home builder, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality in construction materials and standards. 

Building in the Martinsburg and surrounding areas, just minutes from Winchester, VA; Hagerstown, MD and Charles Town, WV. Bristol Springs Custom Homes offers the rare luxury of working directly with the builder, so you can enjoy the personal touch with hands on building.​

A Custom Home vs A Regular Home

If one were to just merely look at a custom home and regular home, they may think they’re quite similar. In actuality, that couldn’t be more untrue.

Many houses, especially ones in suburban neighborhoods, are what is called production homes. These are houses that use designs that are made to build many similar homes over and over again. This is good for quickly and efficiently making homes to fill out a neighborhood, but it also means the homes lack a lot of individuality and generally look nearly identical to the surrounding homes.

Then there’s custom homes. These homes are one of a kind. Just about everything from the foundation to the type of flooring used is chosen by you. Building a custom house ensures that your home truly reflects you in a way that a standard house just can’t. It also can mean your home is a higher quality than a typical production home since you can choose to build it with materials that will make your home sturdy and built to last.

Why a Custom Basement?

A basement can be used for many things such as being used for storage or serving as a sort of extra, more secluded living room. No matter what you want to use your basement for, you want to ensure that your basement has everything in it that you and your family need. That’s why building a custom basement can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

If you build a custom basement, you are the one who gets to decide the layout of your basement. You choose what goes into your basement and where it goes. This guarantees that you and your family will have everything needed to use your basement for whatever purposes you need it for. That’s also not even mentioning that designing your own basement ensures that your basement is one of a kind. These are luxuries that often aren’t granted to you with premade basements.

custom basement in custom home

Choosing Your Own Materials.

You want your basement to be as strong and sturdy as possible to ensure you and your family can get as much use out of it as possible for as long as possible. That’s why it’s imperative to ensure that your basement is made of the highest quality materials possible. One of the benefits of custom building a basement is you DO have the ability to do that, which is often not the case with premade basements.

Designing a custom basement allows you to be the one to decide the materials used to build your basement. This lets you choose the best materials on the market to ensure your basement is safe and built to last.

Custom Basement Layouts.

Designing a custom basement grants you the freedom to create something unique that truly represents you and your family. You get to decide the style and layout of your basement. That’s why it’s important to consider what sort of style you want for your basement. There are many layouts and styles of basements out there that you can use or take inspiration from when designing your custom basement. Here are some examples:

  • Theater Room: Turn your basement into a mini movie theater for you and your family.
  • Exercise Room: Turn your basement into a personal gym with equipment to exercise at home with.
  • Bar: Set up a personal bar in your basement to drink comfortably from home.
  • Game Room: Set up a pool table, ping pong table, card table, or even video games to play games in your basement with your family and friends.

You can really create any kind of basement you want when you build a custom basement. No matter what kind of basement you and your family desires, building a custom basement grants you nearly unlimited freedom to create the basement of your dreams.

What are the costs associated with a Custom Home?

Building a custom home does come with some costs that often aren’t present when simply buying a prebuilt house. Custom homes are typically built from scratch meaning everything for the house needs to be built. The foundation, the flooring, the interiors, etc. All of it needs to be built from the ground up. This takes quite a bit of time and money.

Despite all this however, the level of choice and flexibility you have when getting your home built far outweighs the costs. A custom home is truly one of a kind and can be designed to suit your families wants and needs in a way that a prebuilt, production home cannot. Not only that, since decide what materials to use when building your home, you can ensure that you build your house using only the best materials to guarantee the longevity of your home.